Tropojë (definite Albanian form: Tropoja), officially Tropojë-Fshat, is a municipality in the Tropojë District, Kukës County, northern Albania, near the border with Kosovo. It is home to the non-navigable Valbonë River.

It was mentioned in Taken and seen in Taken 2.


Tropojë e Vjetër was principally founded by the clan of Berisha (from which the Prime Minister Sali Berisha descends) and was the center of the commercial trade from the east (Kosovo) to the west (Shkodër) in order to get imported products from the Adriatic Sea. One of the principal trade commodities was salt, which was exchanged for agricultural products. Having this geographical importance, Tropojë e Vjetër was the center of the former highlands of the famous and old city of Đakovica. Tropojë e Vjetër is also the name of a pass, which goes through the mountains, where the people from all over this region go during the summer to relax and to have access in the green fields with their animals. Now these highlands are frequented by the tourists, especially those from Europe and Israel.

The population of the commune is officially listed at 5,606 inhabitants; however, this figure includes many inhabitants who have emigrated from the area but still keep their original registration.

A large number of Tropojans have moved to Tirana and are employed by state institutions, while still retaining their registration in Tropojë. The city of Kamëz is a popular location for many emigrants from the commune.

Tropoje is located within the Gheg regions of Albania. Ghegs are known to be physically large (Gheg meaning "giant" in ancient dialects of Greek).