The Taurus PT145
is a .45 ACP pistol in the Millenium Pro line.

A stainless PT145 was used by Ali in Taken as his personal sidearm and later used by Bryan Mills to kill Raman.


The "Pro" series features models 145BP (blued slide), 145SSP (stainless slide). single action/double action trigger, compact frame, Heinie sights with 'Straight-8' rear. Weight: 22.2 ounces, length: 6.125 inches, width: 1.25 inches, height: 5.125 inches, 6 groove 3.25 inch barrel with 1:16 inch rate of twist, 10 round magazine.

As of 2013, the PT145 has been discontinued and replaced with the double-action only PT745.