The Taken Soundtrack was composed by Nathaniel Mechaly.

The score alone recieved a mixed response but critics and audiences have said that the music works well in context.


The score for Taken is by French composer Nathaniel Mechaly, who has been working in his native France for several years, but who has never had an international breakthrough until now. A lot of Mechaly's score is quite soft and understated; the "Opening" and the subsequent "Permission to Go to Paris" are little more than piano chords augmented by a soft string wash, while later cues such as "To the Airport", replace the piano with a gentle and attractive acoustic guitar. As the score progresses, however, Mechaly introduces a stronger, more urgent electronic element into his music, with energetic synthesized pulses and almost dance music-style rhythms. Cues such as "Pursuit at Roissy", "Pursuit at the Construction Site", "Escape from St. Clair" and "Pursuit by the Seine" have the same kind of vibe as John Powell's Bourne scores, with urgent percussive string writing and electronic beats driving the action along. There is also some rather menacing suspense music, again with a significantly increased electronic element, in cues such as "There's Somebody Here" and the 6-minute "96 Hours", which adds a level of tension to the score.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Opening
  2. Change - Joy Denalane featuring Lupe Fiasco
  3. Permission to Go to Paris
  4. To the Airport
  5. The Concert
  6. There's Somebody Here
  7. Pursuit at Roissy
  8. On the Rooftop
  9. 96 Hours
  10. The Construction Site
  11. Pursuit at the Construction Site
  12. Saving Amanda
  13. Escape From St Clair
  14. Tick Tick, Boom - The Hives
  15. Hotel Camelia
  16. The Auction
  17. Pursuit by the Seine
  18. On the Boat
  19. The Last Fight
  20. The Dragster Wave - Ghinzu