Solo is the seventh episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan is held hostage after the team targets a weapons dealer linked to his sister's murder.


Flashbacks show Scott and Dave training Bryan Mills how to withstand torture and escape captivity. In the present, Christina Hart learns that Thomas Vitek, Carlos Mejia's weapon supplier, has been spotted in Montreal, Quebec. Mills forces Mejia to reveal Vitek's location, where the Team tails him to a meeting with Jimmy Dunne, a mobster who lost his supremacy to Mejia after his indictments began; and now he wants to reassume control. The Team abducts Vitek, with the latter's operatives giving chase. The Team changes its vehicle; but Mills drives the first vehicle, luring the hostiles away so that the Team can escape with Vitek. Mills is captured and taken to a facility where he is tortured by Vitek's operatives until Dunne's arrive, killing Vitek's men and abducting Mills. Dunne's enforcer tries to convince Mills to talk; but the latter frees himself just as the Team arrives and rescues him. Dunne is captured and delivered to the FBI along with Vitek. The Team blames Mills for separating from the team. Mills meets Asha Flynn's family.

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