"If I charged you a dollar every time you came to examine the machine... you'd probably own it! It's the one all the pros use. Mariah Carey. Beyonce. Gwen Stefani. "
―Singh to Bryan Mills.

Singh is the name of a music store clerk and an acquaintance of Bryan Mills.

He was portrayed by Opender Singh.


Not much is known about Singh, other than the fact that he has a friendly and professional friendship with Bryan Mills, probably because of all the times Bryan has meticulously inspected the karaoke machine Singh has for sale. Bryan eventually purchases the machine from Singh, wraps it, and gives it to his beloved daughter Kim for her birthday.

He is most likely of Indian Sikh heritage.


  • It is of no coincidence that his name is Singh (pronounced "Sing"), as he sells Bryan a karaoke machine. The singer in the film is called Sheerah, which is Hebrew for "Sing".