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Status: Alive
Age: 25 (during the first film)
Date of birth: 11 May, 1983
Nationality: American
Profession: Pop singer
Played by: Holly Valance
Film: Taken
First film: Taken
Last film: Taken
"Tell her pick another career."
―Sheerah's advice to Bryan Mills' daughter, Kim.

Sheerah is a character in the film Taken.

She was portrayed by Holly Valance.


Sheerah is a famous pop singer, while working as security for one of her concerts with former colleagues, Bryan Mills gets a call from his daughter, Kim, who tells him that she is impressed that he met Sheerah, since she is one of her favorite singers. Bryan is invited to lunch the following day by Kim. Later after the show, the stage is stormed by fans, and Bryan escorts Sheerah off the stage. He then saves Sheerah from an obsessed assailant armed with a knife by beating and subduing the man, who is later arrested. He then takes her into a car and drives away, where he gives her a carbonated beverage to help with the shock. She starts crying, traumatized by the incident. Afterwards, Sheerah calls Bryan to her dressing room where she thanks him sincerely for saving her life. Sheerah then gives Bryan a card for her talent scout to give to Kim. If he says that she is talented, she will put Kim in touch with her agent so she has a real shot at being a singer. Here she also expresses disinterest in her career, claiming that it is exhausting to be in so many hotel rooms in different places. At the end of the film, after Bryan saves Kim in Europe, he takes Kim to Sheerah's home and she tells Kim that they will see what she has got before inviting them inside and closing the door.


  • In Hebrew, shirah is the feminine form of the word meaning "sing".
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