Pilot is the first (series premiere) episode in the Taken television series.


A young Bryan Mills experiences a devastating personal tragedy that sets him on a path of revenge and redemption.


Bryan Mills' sister is killed during a train shootout with two assailants whom he initially believes to be random terrorists. Christina Hart, a Deputy Director with Special Portfolio at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and her team start tracking Mills. They learn that he killed the son of Carlos Mejia, a terrorist and drug lord, while saving Mike Hall, a DEA undercover agent, in Colombia in 2015. Deducing that Mejia was behind the murder of his sister, Mills leaves his parents to keep them safe. He learns that Hall is working with the terrorists and abducts him, deciding to spare his life after learning that they threatened Hall's daughter. Mills surrenders to Mejia's men, who take Mills to Mejia. Hart's operatives intervene and stop Mills from killing Mejia. Hart asks Mills to join her team.



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