"Please understand. It was just business. It wasn't personal..."
―Saint-Clair's last words before Bryan shoots him
Patrice Saint-Clair
is the secondary antagonist in the 2008 film, Taken.

He is portrayed by Gérard Watkins.

Character BiographyEdit

Patrice Saint-Clair was (according to the file that was displayed on Jean-Claude's Computer) a Swiss-born resident of Paris.

He spoke English with an American accent, though he was played by English actor, Gerard Watkins.

Saint-Clair was a leading human trafficker, who dealt with an Albanian ring that kidnapped female tourists, some who were employed as prostitutes, but sold virgins to Saint-Clair to sell on the Black Market, including Bryan Mills' daughter, Kim. Bryan went in search of Kim after he tortured and killed Marko, but was captured by Saint-Clair's men and was tied to an overhead steam pipe. Saint-Clair confronted Bryan and ordered his men to kill him in a quiet manner so as not to alarm his guests. Bryan used his superior skills to break the pipe and killed all of the henchmen before he went after Saint-Clair, and took one of their Taurus PT111 pistols. Bryan cornered Saint-Clair in a small corridor and elevator and demanded to know where Kim was. Saint-Clair tried to reason with him, but Bryan shot him several times in the limbs, and forced him to reveal that Kim was taken onboard a boat that was owned by a Sheikh named Raman. As Saint-Clair tried to redeem himself by telling Bryan that what he did was just business and that it wasn't personal, Bryan replied "It was all personal to me" before he fired five more bullets into Saint-Clair's chest, which killed him.

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