Off Side is the third episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan and the ODNI team discover a terrorist attack is not what it seems while Christina deals with some troubling health news.


Ismat Zahad, a Muslim American under surveillance, suddenly disappears from the cameras, forcing Christina Hart to assemble the team. Bryan Mills convinces Asha Flynn to stay at his house until the threat is over. It is revealed that Zahad was actually abducted by an American group. The team captures one, Mike Gilroy, whom they force to cooperate by placing him in the same room with a convict who longs to kill him. Gilroy's handler gives the location of Zahad, who is wearing a suicide vest that will be exploded unless Gilroy is delivered. Hart takes Gilroy to the exchange location, where John's team are supporting her with sniper rifles, while Mills is staying with Zahad. Mills manages to defuse the bomb, giving John's team the chance to kill Gilroy's cooperatives. Hart's team learns that Gilroy, who is delivered to the FBI, was working for Bert Keagy, the Chief of Staff of the Secretary of Defense. Keagy confirms to Hart that neither the Secretary nor the President are involved. Mills assassinates him on her order. He befriends Zahad and his son. Meanwhile, Hart is revealed to have a brain tumor.

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