Marko Hoxha
Status: Deceased
Age: 35
Date of birth: January 29, 1973
Date of death: 2008
Nationality: Albanian
Affiliation: Albanian Mafia
Profession: Mafia gangster
Marital status: Unknown
Children: Murad (father), unknown brothers
Played by: Arben Bajraktaraj
Films: Taken
First film: Taken
Last film: Taken
"Good luck..."
―Marko's famous line to Bryan Mills

Marko Hoxha is the main antagonist in the 2008 film, Taken.

He is played by Arben Bajraktaraj.


Marko was a leader of an Albanian human trafficking ring that abducted women and was the one who kidnapped Bryan Mills' daughter, Kim. He was also the son of Murad, the head of the Albanian Mafia, who was the main antagonist in Taken 2.

Marko was one of the intruders who kidnapped Kim and her friend, Amanda. After he realized that she had been taken, Bryan spoke to Marko, who held Kim's cellphone, and told him that unless he immediately released her, he would find him and he would kill him, to which Marko simply replied: "good luck" and hung up.

Bryan was let inside the Albanian's house by feigning to be a corrupt policeman, who was sent to renew its extortion "contract" with the brothel. He tricked the thugs inside into saying a few words and phrases, and recognized a voice: Marko, the kidnapper, who he spoke to on Kim's cellphone. He wounded Marko and killed the rest(2 of them were stabbed by knife and the others were shot). Searching the house, Bryan found several captive teens, including Amanda, who was dead from an apparent overdose. In the basement of the house, Bryan strapped Marko into a makeshift electric chair and tortured him with an electric current until he talked. Kim, a virgin, was very valuable on the Black Market and was sold to an auctioneer named Patrice Saint-Clair. After he retrieved that vital information, Bryan prepared to leave and Marko desperately attempted to say that he had no idea where Kim was. He then cried out 'please' repeatedly, and Bryan claimed that he believed him, but that it wouldn't save him. Bryan then left and flipped the light switch on, which letting the current continue to flow, and left the screaming Marko to die a very painful death by means of electrocution. It was mentioned in Taken 2 by Murad that Marko was strapped to the chair so long, that his heart burst.

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