Solo is the eighth episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan is tasked with protecting a career Mossad agent with early onset Alzheimer's.


Mossad agent Leah Wicker arrives in Washington D.C. to meet Christina Hart, being attacked by a hostile, whom she kills. She tells Hart that Reza Saadon, her contact in the Iranian Quds Force has critical information, but also believing that Saadon ordered the hit on her. The Team arrests Saadon, who denies the accusation; and it is revealed that Wicker is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, having hidden it from Mossad, who she believes will kill her upon learning. Saadon reveals that Quds agents are planning to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister on his visit to Washington, giving their location. The Team arrests the Quds team, who deny any involvement in the assault on Wicker, proving her theory that Mossad is involved. Wicker confronts Mossad regional director Zev, who unintentionally reveals that he did it alone. Wicker escapes and fakes her death. Meanwhile, Bryan Mills learns about Hart's condition. She asks him to keep it hidden. She later develops romance with Harry.

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