"Involved in what? What are you two talking about?"
―Isabelle to her husband
Isabelle Pitrel is the wife of Jean-Claude.

She is portrayed by Camille Japy.

Role in TakenEdit

She seems nice enough, inviting Bryan over for dinner and being a great host, letting Bryan open the wine and asking if he wants white or dark meat. Problems arise when her husband starts threatening Bryan and tempers flare. Isabelle does not seem to realize that her husband has a role in the prostitution ring. One thing leads to another and eventually the altercation escalates into Bryan shooting Isabelle in the shoulder, claiming it to be a flesh wound that will heal. However, if Jean-Claude doesn't tell him where Patrice Saint-Clair lives, he will shoot and kill Isabelle and then him, leaving their children orphans. Later he tells Jean-Claude to apologize to his wife for him.

Her ultimate fate is unknown. Some fans believe she may have divorced Jean-Claude after finding out his true nature.

She is not seen again in Taken 2, but when Jean-Claude is captured by an Albanian mafia gang, they show him a teddy bear symbolizing that Isabelle and their children are dead.

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