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Status: Alive
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Profession: Tourist
Played by: Anca Radici
Film: Taken
First film: Taken
Last film: Taken

Ingrid is a Swedish tourist who was nearly sold into prostitution by Peter in Taken.

She was portrayed by Anca Radici.


Ingrid arrived in the Paris international airport on a plane from Stockholm, Sweden. She is approached by Peter, who attempts to share a cab with her. She says 'why not?' but before she can make the mistake, Bryan Mills arrives and forces Peter into a cab, proceeding to beat him. Peter's partner arrives but Bryan kills him by crushing his windpipe and Peter then jumps off an overpass where he is hit by a passing truck.

Ingrid's fate is left unknown but her future looks bright since Bryan stopped her from being sold into sexual slavery.