I Surrender is the tenth episode in the Taken television series.


In the season finale, Bryan must go rogue to save Asha and take down Mejia once and for all.


Bryan Mills tracks Carlos Mejia and Asha Flynn to Texas while the Team starts looking for him. Mills attacks Mejia's safehouse, where he passes the border through a tunnel to Mexico, taking Asha; but Morales is killed by Mills, who convinces the Team to help him kill Mejia and rescue Asha. They arrive in Juarez, where they go to an FBI black site to get weapons. The Team infiltrates Mejia's mansion and meanwhile, the Mexican Army is approaching. A shootout starts, with Mejia cutting Asha's throat to facilitate his escape. Mills entrusts Asha to John, proceeding to capture Mejia just as Mexican soldiers arrive. Mills kills Mejia before he is shot by the soldiers and captured. Asha survives the wound; the ODNI operation is covered up; and Hart blackmails the FBI director demanding he find Mills, who awakens in a prison.

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