"As a matter of fact, I did. In the 10th arrondissement on Rue Paradis. People there know someone that works in your office. A Mr. Macon. Do you know him?"
―Bryan on Henry Macon

Henry Macon (nicknamed Mr. Nervous by Isabelle) is a crooked French police officer.

He is only mentioned in the film and never seen.

Role in TakenEdit

When Bryan Mills goes to Rue De Paradis he figures out that Mr. Macon had been transferred and now Jean-Claude Pitrel will be collecting the bribes, the rate for which has just gone up. Bryan claims to be Jean-Claude and bargains with the Albanian sex traffickers before revealing that he is not really who he claims, killing the Albanians and later torturing their leader, Marko, by means of electrocution for information on how his daughter was sold to a man named Saint-Clair. Bryan turns the power back on and leaves Marko to die. 

Jean-Claude comes home for supper to discover that Bryan is visiting like an old friend. Jean-Claude's wife, Isabelle, tells Jean-Claude to put the two kids to bed so they can eat before everything gets cold. As he does, he recovers a pistol from the lavatory and tucks it into the back of his waistband. At the dining room table, Bryan casually speaks about possibly moving to Paris and drops the address of the Albanian pimp-house and Macon's name. Isabelle naively says that she herself knows Macon, and says she calls him "Mr. Nervous" because he "always seems like he's about to have a problem". Bryan confronts Jean-Claude because he nows that he is selling protection and anonymity to the Albanians. Bryan demands to know who Saint-Clair is. Isabelle looks on in horror, clearly confused and scared by what is happening. Jean-Claude pulls his gun and attempts to escort Bryan to the airport but Bryan reveals he had earlier retrieved the weapon and unloaded it. Bryan calmly places several 9x19mm rounds on the table and then throws the rest in Jean-Claude's face before shooting Isabelle in the arm. He threatens to kill her unless he gets the dirt on Saint-Claire. Jean-Claude obliges and Bryan knocks him out with his pistol after telling him to apologize to his wife for him. Bryan leaves to track down Saint-Clair.