Hail Mary is the sixth episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan and the team are on a mission to extract a Russian defector.


A CIA asset named Yuri fails to convince his girlfriend, Tatjana Kuznikov, also the wife of SVR officer Sergei, to defect to the U.S. with him. After two CIA agents are killed in the failed extraction, the Team heads to St Petersburg, where they capture Yuri, who tells them about Tatjana. They rescue Tatjana just as Sergei suddenly arrives and engages Bryan Mills, who overpowers him and escapes with the others. Tatjana is revealed to be pregnant from Yuri. The Team deduces the presence of a mole in the operation, believed to be Gretchen Lareau, Yuri's supervisor, after John and Faaron break in her house and find incriminating files. However, Christina Hart deduces Brant Pope, a Divisional Director, to be the mole, luring him into confessing. Mills forces Sergei to smuggle the Team, Yuri and Tatjana to Finland. It is revealed that Scott has two children. Meanwhile, John's older brother, also a monk, convinces him to force local gang members to leave the teenagers alone.