Gone is the ninth episode in the Taken television series.


Bryan must save a fellow agent's kidnapped husband while stopping Mejia's escape during a prison transfer.


The Mexican government learns about Carlos Mejia's incarceration and forces the US government to transfer him. Bryan Mills learns about the breaches in his home security. The transfer is assigned to the FBI, led by agent Marie Salt, whose husband, George, is kidnapped by Mejia's operatives to force her compliance. Marie secretly meets Mills and reveals the kidnapping, asking him to rescue George. Mills informs the Team, which is divided into two teams, one escorting Mejia and the other assisting Mills in rescuing George, which is successful, leading to a shootout at the exchange point, allowing Mejia to escape. Mills uses a planted tracker to capture Mejia. However, Elena Morales, Mejia's enforcer, kidnaps Asha Flynn, forcing Mills to allow Mejia to escape.

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