Name: Bernie Harris
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: American
Residence(s): Los Angeles, California
Affiliation: CIA
Profession: CIA: Agent
Played by: David Warshofsky
D.B Sweeney
Films: Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3
First film: Taken
Last film: Taken 3

Bernie Harris is one of the retired CIA operatives and a friend of Bryan Mills. He is portrayed by David Warshofsky in Taken and Taken 3 and briefly portrayed by D.B. Sweeney for Taken 2 .


Bernie was seen working with Bryan Mills, Sam Gilroy and Mark Casey providing security for pop-star singer Sheerah. After the assailant tried to kill her and Mills disarms, Bernie drives off with Bryan and Sheerah and later collects his paycheck.

Taken 2Edit

Bernie was briefly seen playing golf with Sam and Casey during the film.

Taken 3Edit

Bernie joined up to assist Sam and Casey with helping Bryan stay out of the LAPD's sight using advanced technology at a hideout in an unknown sewer. He also helped Bryan retrieve Kim from Stuart St. John's closed off house.